Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Resolutions

There are people who always resolve and people who always don't. Personally, I find this a convenient time to reflect on a year past and look to committing to my goals for the next year. It's convenient because there are traditions all around me reminding me to do this -- not only the tradition of making resolutions, but the annual performance appraisal, the changing of the fridge calendar. Yeah, yeah...resolutions are a tad..well...trite, I know, but they work for me.

Here's my list this year (in no particular order):

  • Make new friends -- no offence to the old friends, just trying to spread out a bit.
  • Organize stuff -- clear containers and label printing machine is ready to go!
  • Eat healthy -- no really, this year I'm going to make it past January 14th.
  • Exercise more -- no starting until March; all other resolvers will be out of the gym by then!
  • Take the GMAT test (this involves studying too, but I better get used to it)

And the big one...

  • Take my crafts to the next level -PUBLIC-or give it up already. This means a lot of things. I'll have to commit to updating this blog, do some real-live craft shows (punk-indie-green shows, not the smells-like-old-ladies-and-cat-boxes-selling-wood-chips-and-walnut-shells shows), keep up the Etsy shop, keep up the Flickr account and post my items to more groups and promote, promote, promote!

If Barack Obama can be president, I should be able to accomplish the measily things. Thanks for supporting me (or being kind enough to laugh behind my back and not to my face). Peace & promises of postings...