Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saving Jesus by Mike Turney

My husband is not an articulate man. His words are few, but his voice is loud. It comes out in his art. His latest series of concepts have been coming together nicely and we're hoping that 2009 will be the year that he's coming to make his debut as an independent artist. In this series, Mike has used found objects in assemblages depicting his voice and experiences with organized religion. Within me, each piece has provoked a strong reaction of thoughts, feelings and memories. This is just a small sampling of his current work.


Cranky said...

Damn. These are great! Make him make more! They're beautiful!

Oh! Did you get the phone message I left for you? Call or email me when you get this. Wha-pow!

firstborn studio said...

these pieces are stunning and thoughtful,i love these

Courtney Turney said...

Since this post, Mike has sold a number of pieces and won the People's Choice Award at a show in Clayton, MO!! Go baby, go!